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Glass Of Bubbly issue 9, 2015

3 Dec

Glass Of Bubbly issue 9, 2015

– What is the most popular sparkling wine at Rossodisera?

There are a couple of very popular sparkling wines at Rossodisera: an elegant, dry and mineral Passerina‎ Brut, ‎produced using 100% Passerina, a local white berry variety from Le Marche Region, central-eastern Italy. And a tasty pink ‎sparkling wine obtained from 100% Vernaccia di Serrapetrona another local variety, fruity with a spicy and dry after taste.Both produced following the Charmat method‎.

– Which is your favourite Champaigne or sparkling wine?

Being italian I’m a big fan of the greatest italian sparkling wines, especially Franciacorta, which sometimes achieve the same quality of the best Champaigne. My favourite is the Gran Cuvee from Bellavista winery, the “Vittorio Moretti riserva 2004” named after the establishment founder.

– What is your favourite sparkling wine‎ food pairing?

Raw fish, oysters ideally, is a classic. But we also suggest our traditional “Olive all’Ascolana” deep fried meat-stuffed green olives, as a perfect match for our White Sparklings. Or a selection of our quality cured meats, especially the “fat” ones, which would go very well with a fruity and spicy Rose’ Sparkling.

– Where’s the most memorable place you’ve enjoyed a Glass of Bubbly?

Could have been a lovely Bistro’ in Paris‎, midway between Mon Matre and Le Molin Rouge, but it’s a cozy restaurant in Camden Town where my wife revealed me that I was going to be a father. My sweetest memory so far.

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