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Ted fancies a dinner date near a tube station

10 Feb

Ted fancies a dinner date near a tube station

… I didn’t know that I did actually though until The Doll came home with a Morgan Price infographic that rather helpfully shows the average price of a meal using a selection of London’s tube stations as reference points. Zoom in on a tube station and you’ll see what I mean. She said “let’s see if we can find the best value for money in central London Ted”. I immediately knew exactly where we would go.  Yes, dear readers we would go to one of my personal favourites located between the Tottenham Court Road and Covent Garden tubes.

Rossodisera (sunset?) in Monmouth Street is the pride and joy of friends Samuele and Igor, and a tribute to all things authenticate and delicious which they import directly from their favourite producers in their home region of Le Marche in Italy. Situated in the middle of Italy, Le Marche has the beautiful Adriatic Sea on one side and joins up inland with several regions in the Italian hinterland – its more famous neighbours being Tuscany and Umbria. The restaurant frontage is very unassuming and from the street looks like a typical little Italian deli with a small number of tables occupied by people who always look like they are having a good time. The “diner happiness factor” is a top Ted indicator when choosing a restaurant.

truffle pasta

The Doll and I were given a table downstairs where the kitchen is and proceeded to pour over the menu while breathing in all the delicious smells and eyeing up the wine collection. They have a set menu which is exceptional value for money at £13.90 for 2 courses and £17.90 for 3 courses. In the interests of research naturally I would have chosen off that menu if the Doll hadn’t said “Ted let’s have the Salumi e Fromaggi platter of cured meats and local cheeses with honey and preserves and that delicious home-made bread, and then I’m having the mushroom and truffle pasta because they do it properly with butter and parmesan cheese and no cream”.  Ah ok why not – so for my main I chose lamb chops with casseroled whole artichokes and some (Italian naturally) oven roasted tomatoes with basil on the side.

roasted tomatoes

Everything was in balance, fresh, clean, earthy, sweet, and salty, all playing harmoniously together in your mouth, complimented beautifully by a wine made from a local grape Vernaccia Nera. This grape is actually known by many names in different places – the Spanish call it Garnacha and claim it as their own, and in Sardegna (Sardinia) it’s known as Cannonau and naturally they refute the Spanish claim. I know this much – I like the version that comes from Le Marche and I know you’ll love Rossodiserra and the fabulous Italian hospitality they will show you.

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